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Looking to place your music in the Audiosocket catalog? Please provide some basic information and upload four original songs (no covers). If your music is a good fit for our current needs, we will reach out with more information. We can’t wait to hear your work!

The Deal

  • We have two catalogs, Audiosocket and ASX (Audiosocket Exclusives). Please indicate if you’re interested in being considered for an exclusive spot on our roster. The reason we have an exclusive catalog is because many higher end Film/TV/Ad Studios won’t accept non-exclusive submissions. We give artists an opportunity to decide which makes the most sense for them when they audition. The exclusive roster is much smaller and includes additional benefits such as higher splits on sync fees, international sub-publishing and quarterly pitch reports. But to be clear, it means Audiosocket will represent the music you submit to us exclusively.
  • The Non-exclusive Deal is 35/65. If you’re offered a place on our non-exclusive roster, it means you can license your music to other companies or projects at any time. We commission 65% of the upfront fee (gross licensing fee) and publishing royalties and you receive 35% of the upfront fee and 100% of the writer’s share of royalties.
  • The Exclusive Deal is 50/50. If you’re offered a place on our exclusive roster, we share equally in upfront licensing fees as well as backend royalties. You would work with Audiosocket exclusively to license your tracks. The music you submit would also be distributed globally via our network of sub-publishers.
  • Have questions? Contact us.

The Timeline

We’ll get back to you within 90 days. We appreciate your patience: We want to give your music the good, hard listening it deserves.



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